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Animals 🐱

I have slowly begun to realise I prefer animals to humans. Most of the time! Animals have no hidden agenda, they are honest and usually open books. It takes time to understand them, and for them to understand me, but I am so glad with all the animals that shared my life, they brought love and trust which transforms the soul.



The bumblebee, I love bumblebees, they are friendly floating and busy pollinators.



Eendjes. Ducks.

One in a pond, the other flying over. With a salamander or something, I don't know but it came out of my head and I drew it.



And Eentjes 😂
Because I really had to do this.

'Eendje' is 'duck' in Dutch.
'Eentje' means 'small one' or just plain 'one' in Dutch.

I suppose you could, in a way, consider them to be onesies..

bird of paradise

Een paradijsvogel

This is a bird of paradise. They are gorgeous animals with impressive dances when they try to mate. Their colours are beautiful.

Their feathers were often used in the fashion industry, jeez, what are humans thinking?


Oropendola Baltimore

This is a member the oropendola family, named 'Baltimore'.

The oropendola's are tropical birds that come in many colours, and their name means 'golden pendulum': most of them have, after all, a beautiful yellow, sorry, golden, tail.


Een kardinaalvogel

A cardinal, it is so beautiful and colourful, it would be wonderful to have it in the Netherlands, too.


Mijn lieve Okki

This is my sweet, wonderful Okki. He died, unfortunately, but he really was my rock. When things were very difficult I would put my face against his belly. If I picked him up he would start to purr, very loudly. Always. And I would carry him around in my arms, that was so good. I still miss him. And that's okay.

Petroica rodinogaster

Petroica Rodinogaster

Such cute birds, and their colour! You would want this in the garden, right? But well, they are Australian birds. I hope those dreadful fires didn't kill too many of them, my heart really bleeds when I think about the animals. Humans can do so much damage to nature.

Blue bird

Een blauwe vogel

This one is beautiful too, that blue, right? And that orange cheek, it contrasts fabulously. Orange and blue are complementary colours: they make one another stronger. You can use that in make-up, too: if your skin tone is orangy, blue will be stronger. If you have blue eyes, you can really make them pop with orange make-up. But you can also make an orange skin look less orange if you use a blueish conceiler.


A student's cat. She loves her cat and took it in because the owners didn't take care of it.


A firefly

I have never seen a firefly in real life. And I read an article that stated that there are far less fireflies in areas that normally have a lot of them in the USA, so the chance of seeing one might become smaller. Sad.

The badger

Een das

They are such beautiful animals. Nicely black and white, rather big-ish and with a cosy shape.

So, I placed them with a cosy plant, they deserve it. You can find that plant on the plants and flowers page, too.

More and more was added, and I am going to place the badgers in another design soon.