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Fruit 🍎

Fruit! So lovely. I can't even imagine how many different kinds of fruit are in this world. There are so many, and all with their unique tastes. It would be good to have tried all of them before I'm gone, but I have not traveled much yet and I don't think I would like to travel alone, so I fear this is not going to happen. But a nice partner who would love to travel and discover things would be very much appreciated!



Who knew but they actually can be straight while they grow!

In a supermarket, a man once told me he used to 'work in bananas' and that he had witnessed entire cultures being destroyed. And! He said they used to taste different back then.

"What did they taste like then?" I asked, mesmorised.
"Like banana candy!" he said, delighted.


Papaya! I always buy them soft if at least these are available. I love them but they can be difficult to find.

Papaya! I always buy them soft and squishy if at least these are available. Those can be difficult to find. And some even aren't squishable anymore but simply squished because people try if they are squishable.

"Use a flat hand to test if they're ripe, that's best, don't push but erm... well, feel" I explained to a man in the supermarket one day, to teach him how to select peaches because his wife thought he really sucked at choosing peaches..


Cherimoya fruit

Cherimoya, mijn most precious preciousest fruit. They can be difficult to find though!

I buy them already quite ripe and scoopable. Granted: that condition might look a bit too scaringly ripe to the non-initiated but that's okay. Leaves more for me.

I think they taste a bit like pear, banana, a hint of pineapple and erm... well, a bit like cherimoya, too.


Pitaya, een soort lekkere limonadevrucht

Dragon fruit, pitaya, is lovely and subtle in taste but if it's well ripened it tastes a bit like lemonade. Its taste is not very pronounced but it is nice as a stand-alone dessert.

One of my cats likes it too, actually! He really hollows it out and even licks the peel. I should post a video of things he eats.

This drawing is not finished yet, but I will finish it one day.


De kaki

I prefer to buy the kaki (persimmon) as a soft little bag of goodness, that's when they are best. They are super sweet and a sort of dessert by nature.
I once scored a soft little bag in the supermarket, the lady at the counter gave me a look and softly told me she also always buys them soft, but had not noticed this one. She sweetly put it aside so it would not be crushed by the rest of the groceries.


Melon, mmm

Melon, oh I love it. But so does my cat. He always wants a piece of melon as soon as he hears the knife cutting the melon to make a point of getting a piece. He really reminds me to help me not forget about him. He is also the cat who serenades me every single morning before breakfast.


De peer

Pears are tasty, there. But I do prefer some kinds to others. The 'Conference' is my personal favourite, it's wonderful, juicy and just a bit tangy, fresh. I even have a small tree. Unfortunately, the birds like pears too... 💖

Pear pattern

Melon, mmm

Once I start drawing, it's fun to combine all sorts of things. I created a pear pattern that I will continue to work on, because it's always fun to experiment.