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I like to draw hands. I usually base my hand illustrations on photos of my own hands, as the ones you see below. In high school I was usually bored and time would absolutely crawl by until i found a solution: I picked up the habit of drawing either a clock, or a finger with nail, shadows, the works. Time would fly by and the drawing would be finished by the time class was over and I was free for a little while, on the way to the next boring class. Except for biology, which I loved, and chemistry, and English; I loved those classes.
The interesting thing though was that I noticed I could better concentrate while doodling during some meeting later in life. I would always have a pencil, pen, and paper with me and doodle. My concentration was much better than if I did not draw, but most people criticized me for it.

Fingers crossed!

Fingers Crossed!

Fingers crossed!

Hope for nature and environment.

I wanted to create an illustration that shows I care about nature. Plus: I really like carrots. So that's the result.

Make it so!

Make it so!

Make it so!

Captain Jean-Luc Picard would say this in Star Trek, Next Generation. Nice to do something with it, and create an illustration. I really like Star Trek, it's a feel good series for me. I enjoy sitting on the couch with cocoaccino, or well, that's what I named my variation on cappuccino, with cats, blankie... Mmm...

A wish, after all...

Een hand met bloemen

I enjoyed drawing this one, too. I liked making the border a bit more decorative to avoid things from being too straigh, I did that with the flowing white edge around it.



I can't add an English title here, because well, 'zonnewortel' literally translates to 'sun carrot'. If you know that in Dutch, a 'wortel' means both a root and a carrot, you know what I mean.

A juicy carrot, sunny and fresh, with a slice of it for the sun. My interpretation of the sun root.

Snail on my finger

Een slak op mijn vinger

I really like snails. Not a lot of people know that they're smart, too: if you throw them into someone else's garden, they find their way back. And they have a good sense of smell, too, yeah. Some garden snails are great, the ones with stripes or the yellow and orange ones for instance; they help clean stuff up. But others are real desperados, like the Cornu aspersum, eat your plants, just like the ones without shells. In this illustration I use a bit of a phantasy snail. And what do you mean, a snail on your finger is yuckie? Snail slime is very good for your skin!

Hopeful stone

Een glanzende steen

I wanted to draw a hand holding a red stone. But well, while I was drawing... So it became a shiny dream stone.

I would like to have such a shiny stone. But I don't have one. Oh well, I can always draw one.

Asparagus fingers

asperge vingers

Fingers with asparagus. I don't know what to say about it, I just wanted to draw it. I want to create a modest series of bodies with body parts in the shape of fruit and vegetables.



A hand holding a match. I wanted to draw a flame with vibrant red in fingers. So there.

Veggie peace!

veggie peace, vegan

Vegans... I am not vegan, but the movement has my sympathy. I really like vegetables myself, and I don't eat meat. But I do eat fish (in moderation) and some sea food. Just a little dairy. And that's where it stops. I have a big heart for nature, so I sometimes feel bad eating the vegetables and fruit. I can feel awful while cutting a kiwi, for instance, or when cooking a tomato. And some have cute shapes which make it difficult to eat them. Sigh...

Leak peace

prei vrede vingers

Fingers for peace, with leek. I am totally in the mood for vegetable drawings, let's wait and see what the combination with the human body will bring. For the moment, I keep drawing hands.



A cut is cut in no time, sadly. I was busy with the eggplant and then this! But this mandolin cutter is so sharp that it happens in no time!

Maybe soon?