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Nuts 🌰

I so like nuts! I do have to say I notice more and more nuts are a bit infected with fungus, which is a shame and I won't get into that now. Because nuts are wonderful! They are not only delicious but can be used in so many different ways; raw, roasted, ground, in pies, spreads, soups, bread, you name it! I love nuts!

Cashew nut

Cashew noot

Cashew nuts, I love them but I am a bit allergic to them, unfortunately. But I still eat them sometimes.


De amandel

Almonds, so healthy! Too bad many grow in California and the land there is getting so dry it's almost a sin to grow them since they need a lot of water 😞



Hazelnuts. I used to have two squirrels, the male lived for years and he was so wonderfully clever & cute. He loved his daily hazelnut.


De kastanje

Chestnuts! I would get the wild ones to make toys and Interesting Objects with them, and the tame ones, oh... those were once given to me by a vendor in the street. They were lovely!


Kola noten

Kola nuts are great. They can give you a real boost, like coffee does. But they act much stronger and should not be over used. And of course, they are used in Coca Cola. Which I do not like.

Pine seeds


Pine seeds are nice too. I am very sensitive to them though, I can't eat the Chinese ones since they give me pine mouth. Yeah pine mouth is real, look it up 😭 It lasted for 10 days with me, and everything tasted like metal. Read here and there.



Peanuts! Okay I suppose by now everyone knows they're not really nuts, they're just crazy legumes.
In the Netherlands and in Indonesia and other oriental countries they make peanut sauce with them. I say YUM! But you have to get the good one.



Pistachio nuts are one of my favourites. They take time to open so I sometimes crack a few in advance but I actually prefer to eat them one by one. I sometimes use them in cakes and other dishes.

Beech nuts

Beech nuts and squirrels

Well, what can I say. Squirrels and beech nuts. I had fun in the forest trying to beat the squirrels at finding them but well, most husks were empty when I found them.


Fis, ook een lekkere noot.

Okay, this one is in Dutch. Difficult to explain. But if you know that a 'noot' means both a nut and a note, and that the note 'fis' is pronounced the same as the word 'vies' (meaning yucky), then you will understand the question and answer:
"All these nuts are so yummie! Aren't there any yucky nuts then?"
"Well, there's the fis..."