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I like to draw objects that have a shape or colour that surprises and pleases me. I can draw simple markers for instance because I enjoy their shape and colourful presence, or a water boiler or even a garbage bin. If something strikes and pleases me, I like to draw it.


Een stelletje markers, stiften

Markers, this, as are many on this page, is one of the tutorial examples I create to then create the tutorial itself.


Mooie speakers

Nice speakers.

Water boiler

Water koker in fuchsia

And a water boiler, they had it in fuchsia so I had to buy it; it goes well with my kitchen and I need to be consistent, of course, or try to be.

nail polish

Nagellak van de Hema.

Nail polish. Still in the mood for lots of colours. 'HEMA' is a Dutch warehouse name.

eye shadow

Oogschaduw van de Hema.

All sorts of eye shadow colours. The matte variation.


Lippenstift in verschillende kleuren

Shiny lipsticks after the matte eyeshadow. The different is often in the fill: I used gradients for the lipsticks. They can create a shiny effect.

photo camera

Een fototoestel, camera

A camera. When I was about I don't know how many years old, my god parents gave me a camera in a jeans bag. Oh I loved that thing. But I took it with me to the beach and well, the button ended up rusty after a few years and it became difficult to press it, so sad. I kept the bag for a very long time until someone stole it, just like other precious things.

hue light

Philips Hue light

A light bulb from the Philips Hue series, you can change the colours and use time control and even scenes to change colours dynamically. It is so handy to have one to change the entire 'feel' of a room.

kitchen mixer

Een keukenmachine van Kitchenaid

And a mixer. I liked the shape and thought I would draw it.


Boots, from outer space.

Boots, from outer space. I think they are sixties boots.


En een fonkelende diamant.

And a diamond. Because if I can't have one, I can draw one.

blue eye shadow

En nog meer oogschaduw, het is gewoon leuk om dingen te tekenen.

More eye shadow, because sometimes it's fun to play with colour for someone who likes it as much as I do.

injection needle

A syringe, injectienaald

A syringe, I needed to draw one for a design and this is how it ended up.


Een theEen theepotA teapot. Because I needed one.

A teapot. Because I needed one for another illustration. And you can find that one on one of the other pages. Which one? This one! Go find it.

mop: cleaning time

Grote schoonmaak!

Time to clean up and start afresh.


Capsules, kleurig artwork

Some capsules, because I felt like creating something colourful.


Een leren portefeuille

I drew this one to show the students what you can do with brushes, that helps them to practise the use of the different shapes and sizes and it shows them how to draw a wallet during this course.


Een spaanse gitaar

A Spanish guitar. I needed it because I wanted to use a guitar in another illustration. So I got to it and drew it. It turned out nice, and I used it in an illustration about the sunroot.

paint cans

Verfpotten met kleurige verf

Paint cans with colourful paint in them, just fun to draw and to explain how to do it, too. These can be drawn after six Illustrator lessons, although you can create them after three if you create the twirly bits differently.

more paint

Verfpotten met felgekleurde verf

These paint cans can be done after three lessons, really!

small containers


Cute pots. I once created vanilla perfume in a stainless steel variation with a glass lid. A 'Nose' came over one day, who told me this was impossible. So, I tricked him and let him smell three different vanilla perfumes (two were commercial ones). I asked him which was the best. He chose mine wahahahahahahahaha 🤣

Wooden bowl

Een houten schaaltje, kommetje

A simple wooden bowl. And of course, this too is easy to make if you know which tools should be used. I always like explaining things and help students observe what they should draw. It is good to keep things simple to get the best results.