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Photoshop fun🐱

Since I actually teach Photoshop as well, I do like to create fun examples for the students. My personal sense of fun comes out in these designs and I never realised it until I heard the students grin. Anyway! Here are a few examples I like because they bring back good memories.

chile party

Chile party

Just a fun design, explaining type, layout, style, font and much more. I mean: this image is fab enough to begin with (thank you JJJordan, it was fun to be in touch) and I am glad I can use it in the designs.


Coffee design

Simple design for all students from the second level but honestly; this can already be done at the first level. Fun to explain it all, it's so nice to see they really learn it all.

city at night


This one is to explain how blending works and how you can manipulate layers to get the most out of designs. It has a few very nasty tricky things up its sleeve, which I enjoy.

so what

Lekker in je vel met Annebel

I am not into perfect bodies and so on and I really like to show all sorts of people, so this one is another I shove into the students faces. I personally think she looks fab.

space design

A space design

It was fun to create this one as well, emphasising the usefulness of masks. But I never realised until much later that the mannequin was itself also wearing a mask!

neo space

NEO space design

Just another fun design. The emphasis was not only on blend modes but on how to cleverly integrate styles and type.

Paprika crisps party

Paprika Chips Party

Fun design to teach the students all sorts of stuff on how to use layers, modes, how to apply styles, et cetera et cetera et cetera as Yul Brynner used to say.

space mountains

Mountains in space

Ah, space and science fiction, I like it so much. I think space was my refuge as a bullied child; the imagination and being able to think of a world I could run to when things were very bad were a great help.

yet another space design

Yet another space design

I had finished this one and thought 'why not tutorialise it?' and I did. It's now a massive tutorial but it teaches the students a lot. They will need to have a sound level of Photoshop knowledge to follow the tutorial but it's fun to do it.

The wanderer

The wanderer
Fun design with very dark colours, the most fun was using crazy curves because hey; it doesn't always have to be technically correct to get good results.


A colourful design with bright colours

Colours can be saturated or muted and while it's important to pay attention to how they will turn out in print I teach the students loads of tricks to cleverly do just that and get the most out of colours anyway!

fun with blends

Woman standing, fun with blends in Photoshop

Using Photoshop really is such fun, combining elements and making sure the colours come out just right. It's really a joy to teach!