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Simple humour 🖉

I like to draw and to play with words which resulted in below illustrations. I don't think they are 'for everyone' but that's the same with 'everything', right? So, enjoy or do not enjoy the following illustrations.

Hope: spread it

Hope: 'Spread it'

Yeah well... I suddenly thought of it and decided to draw it. Some drawings are difficult to translate into English, this one is trickier to translate into Dutch!

But that aside: spread hope!



This one is difficult if you don't understand Dutch.

But if you know that 'schil' means 'peel' and 'schilderij' means 'painting', then erm.. I suppose you understand it.



Yeah, another tricky one.

'Muizen' means mice.
'Nissen' are niches, alcoves.

So 'muizenissen' are alcoves with mice in them. Yeah... But for realsies: 'muizenissen' means worries. So, erm... yeah...



You've got to be Dutch to understand, but as usual, I translate.

Maan = moon
Dag = day, but also goodbye

Bye, moon!
And yes, 'maandag' means Monday.



Seems obvious if you speak Dutch.

Panne = problem with the car, but also means 'from the pan'
Koek = cookie

So, car trouble made from cookies.
But of course 'pannekoek' really means a pancake.


Plakband, he

This one?

Plak = repair, but also: stick
Band = tyre, but also tape
Plakband = sticky tape but also

Sticky tyre, right?

But well, 'plakband' really means cellotape.



Here it goes.

Vraag = ask
Teken = sign, but is also the plural 'ticks'

So, asking ticks, okay?
BUT. Of course 'vraagteken' means question mark. Obviously.


Schijn Heiligen


Schijn = shine, but also: fake
Heiligen = saints

So erm, shining saints. Fakes, right? Yes: 'schijnheiligen' means sanctimonous erm, people.

Ceci n'est pas de l'art

Ceci n'est pas de l'art

Well, I don't think I have to translate this one! It's based on a painting by the Belgian artist René Magritte, Andy Warhol's banana and the Whole Thing about an artist sticking a banana on a wall and another artist eating that banana. Sigh.


potlood, een pot met lood'

Explanation time again!

Pot = pot
Lood = lead

But no, potlood means 'pencil'.


Painting, a, well, a painting, right?'

I think it's clear.


A retyred car'

I know, I know...

But oh well.